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Laguerre function

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This function calculated modified Laguerre function of any order mlaguerre(n,p,x)



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i download one matlab file from here to calculate the modes in laser, Laguerre-Gauss modes but it was not working properly. So i wrote my own function. It is pretty simple function, i hope it is efficient as well. i used it and post the result i got.

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Dorsaf OMRI


Jiaqi (view profile)

It does work, but the speed it works too slowly. the 'kummer' is better.
but i need your help btamene... when i calculate the LG mode, for even mode indexes l, it looks reasonable; however for odd l, there's singular points in the phase pattern. what's the problem? thanks a lot!


Jiaqi (view profile)

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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