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Implements Meijer G-function using interface with MuPAD



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Implements Meijer G-function using interface with MuPAD

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Karan Gill

Starting R2017b, meijerG is available in MATLAB. See


Juan (view profile)

Function fails when z has an imaginary part:

??? Error using ==> mupadengine.mupadengine>mupadengine.evalin at 102
Error: Unexpected 'identifier' [line 1, col 75]

Error in ==> MeijerG at 12
out = double(evalin(symengine, MeijerGmupad_str));

Hello Ben. It was simple, it worked and that's it. What would be the benefits of using feval(symengine,...)?

Ben Petschel

Instead of converting the arguments to strings for evalin(symengine,...) why not use feval(symengine,...) instead?



Removed a couple of stray lines.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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