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Rotate numeric Xtick labels by 90 degrees.

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When the XTick labels are long numbers that overlap, making them hard to read or distinguish from one another, you may need to use XTICKLABEL_ROTATE90 in order to orient the tick labels vertically rather than horizontally.

Example 1: Set the positions of the XTicks and rotate them.

xlim([1960 2004]);
%Set "Property-value" pairs

Example 2: Rotate XTickLabels at their current position

XTick = get(gca,'XTick');

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Celia Murcia


Thong (view profile)


Barry (view profile)

Diego Barragán

Diego Barragán (view profile)

Heiner Körnich

Works nicely with Matlab. Very useful extension. But I had problems to convert the ps-output from matlab to pdf.
So, if you want final pdf-output, I recommend using the routine xticklabel_rotate instead.

Can Ozan Tan

Great utility, one possible improvement to allow strings to be used as labels as well (current version allows only numeric labels):
-allow two input arguments in the preamble:
---XTick (tick positions - numeric - already there)
---XTickLabels (tick labels - could be either numeric or string - new arg)
-comment out line 42 :
xTickLabels = num2str(XTick);
And one glitch:
-When exported, 90 degrees rotated labels appear as if in italics, lower/higher degree rotations (e.g. 89/91) do not solve the issue.

A. El-Wakeel

You can also change the angle from 90 to 45 for example by changing it in the last row in the program.

Urs Schwarz (us)

very nice utility
a few improvements could include
- adjust fontsize to GCA's current fontsize
- add possibility to change other TEXT props

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