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Automatically resize MIMO blocks upon connection.



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In Simulink, it is often the case where a user wants to connect multiple blocks to another block, particularly in case of mux, demux, and bus creator blocks. The typical practice is to select multiple blocks, hold control, and select the mux block (for example). This done, the blocks are all automatically connect. The next step is then typically a manual resize of the mux block by the user to make all of the lines just created straight.
This functional will automatically resize the block when the lines are initially drawn to eliminate the manual step of doing so.

Open the included model AutoSizeTest.mdl and follow the instructions to see an example of the functionality.

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Excellent set of tools (InputAutoSize and OutputAutoSize). These capabilities should be rolled into the default Simulink configuration.


Updated license


Applied same bug fixes as AutoSizeOnConnect.


Minor fix to prevent this functionality for blocks with a property 'IconShape' set to 'round'. The sum, add, and subtract block are all the same block but this function only makes sense if using the rectangular icon shape.


Updated screenshot and minor typos in files.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

Inspired: AutoSizeOnConnect

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