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29 May 2011 (Updated )

cmtdtool can reduce and automate manual operations required to perform model-based testing.

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cmtdtool is an assistant tool for model-based testing in MBD processes. Initially, this tool is developed for JMAAB-CMTD-WG (JMAAB: Japan MBD Automotive Advisory Board, CMTD-WG: Control Model Test Design Working Group). After several improvements upon feedback from the JMAAB-CMTD-WG members, it is published to MATLAB Central.
Test design, composing test model, test execution, and reporting are performed when you run tests for a controller model. This tool helps you to reduce and automate manual operations required to perform them.
(1) Excel to SignalBuilder conversion
 (1-1) Create SignalBuilder block from Excel selection
  Import, add, and replace time-dependent signals selected region in a Excel sheet into SignalBuilder block.
 (1-2) Import test vectors in Excel sheet to SignalBuilder block at once]
  Import multiple time-dependent signals into a Excel sheet to a SignalBuilder block at once.
(2) Excel to Truth Table block conversion
 (2-1) Generate Truth Table block from Excel]
  Import a truth table represented in an Excel sheet to a Truth Table block.
 (2-2) Generate Truth Table for assertion verification
  Import verification equations represented in a Excel sheet to a Truth Table block.
 (2-3) User defined test
  Generate a block which enables to check relations between inputs and expected outputs represented in an Excel sheet.

(3) Test Harness
 (3-1) Generate test harness
   Generate a test harness model which is composed by SignalBuilder + Data Conversions + Controller model from a controller model.
 (3-2) Generate harness to compare with expected output
   Generate a test harness model to compare outputs from a model with expected outputs for given test signals.

(4) Reporting
 (4-1) Automatic test report generation
   Run each set of signals in a SignalBuilder block in a test harness model and generate test report automatically.

Required Products MATLAB Report Generator
Simulink Design Verifier
Simulink Report Generator
Simulink Verification and Validation
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements MATLAB R2009b or later releases are supported.
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Comments and Ratings (8)
07 Dec 2016 zhihui diao

i find that logsout.unpack('all') cannot use in 2016a version,so it result with an error

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07 Dec 2016 zhihui diao

i find that logsout.unpack('all') cannot use in 2016a version,so it result with an error

09 Oct 2014 Ganesh N

Recently i have downloaded this and trying to use with the R2012B. But i am facing issue while generating Test Harness. It shows an error "failed to make harness model".

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11 Sep 2012 Jens

Jens (view profile)

For reactive testing of Simulink models please refer to TPT, the dedicated model based testing tool of PikeTec

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18 Jun 2012 zhou jianshan

Thank you for your sharing!

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14 Nov 2011 Kunihiro Sakai

13 Jul 2011 Takaaki MATSUI

13 Jul 2011 Takayuki KUBO

28 Dec 2011 1.1

Added two options (1) to set a link between tests and Excel region (2) to select a style of test harness: a) model block or b) copied subsystem.

16 Nov 2015 1.2

Upgraded to MATLAB Toolbox file format

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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