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scp2xlsui:Simulink ScopeData to xls File with GUI

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From Simulink All ScopeData in One Model, To MS-EXCEL with GUI.

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When presentation materials and technical documents are often edited by OFFICE,
using EXCEL is convenient.

scp2xlsui() is simulation data export tool.

How to use:


option arguments:
mdlName:MODEL Name without '.mdl'.
sc:excel visible and edit mode.
svFolder:Save File Folder without FileName.

STEP1.Simulink Scope Block Parameters
Checked: save to work space
Format:Structure with time
STEP2.Execute Simulation
STEP3.Ececute this command on command window


1.Open model selection dialog.(auto)
And Select model.
2.Execution writing.
3.Open save file dialog.(auto)
And select or type save xls name.

In xls file,all ScopeData in the model are
written in one ScopeData - one sheet.


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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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