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Visualization Tools for Process Condition Monitoring


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Visualization Tools for Process Condition Monitoring



21 Mar 2003 (Updated )

MATLAB Graphics and solid visualization tools for statistical analysis.

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The demos contained in the zip file provide examples of application of visualization techniques in process applications. These demos goes together with the MathWorks News & Notes (Issue to appear in May, 2003) article, titled "USING VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES FOR BATCH CONDITION MONITORING".

Please read the README.M file before you begin.

For the article, visit:

This demo contains the following:
1. A walk-through example that explains the Multi-way PCA technique for analyzing batch processes. Run WALK_THROUGH_DEMO.M in MATLAB. It makes use of function COMPUTE_ELLIPSOID.M for generating some volume graphics.

2. HTML page: PROCESS_DEMO.HTML This is an html version of the walk_through_demo.

3. Batch Condition Monitoring Demo: This GUI is discussed in the New & Notes (May,03) article. Launch this GUI by running MPCAGUI2C.M. The GUI is for illustrative purposes only.

(a) After downloading and unzipping the files, please ensure that all the
data files are writable (have full read/write permission). If not, make
them so.

(b) The graphics requires OPENGL. To check if you are using OPENGL in
MATLAB, type: "opengl info" in command window of MATLAB.

Required Products Statistics Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
Other requirements OPENGL renderer; opengl enabled in MATLAB (type: "opengl info" in MATLAB command window)
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Comments and Ratings (5)
01 Apr 2009 Jeroen

can anyone explain how the scores are derived in the equations:
score_mean = (W1+W2*S21*inv(S11))*available_data.';
score_cov = W2*(S22-S21*inv(S11)*S12)*W2.';
What happens with the scores (especially inv(S11)) when the available data is longer than the number of batches?

03 Feb 2009 Tong

Hi I would like to ask why
Pc = P (1:3,:); is used to choose the 3 PCs instead of P(:,1:3)? P(1:3,:) chooses the first 3 variables and all PCs doesn't it?

24 Nov 2005 Madhukar Gundappa

Good nice GUI and tool highlighting PCA.

19 May 2003 Carl Jelinek  
13 May 2003 Per Hassel  
27 Mar 2003

typos corrected

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