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The Plane Stress Problem

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Plate under uniform tension at its edges is solved using Finite Element Method

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The plane stress problem i.e a plate under uniform tension at its edges is solved. Plate is dicretized using isoparametric Q4 elements. Pre-processing is done using a standard FEM software. 2nd order Gaussian integration is used to get stiffness matrix. Results obtained are compared with standard FEM software, both the results are in good agreement.

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Can you please tell to me, How can extract Nodes and Connectivity information from plate after meshing, applying loads and boundary conditions

hadi nobari

Magu Raam

anu gupta

The determinant of the jacobian is negative, please check. Negative Jacobian implies there is problem with the geometry of the element.

shiva swamy


KSSV (view profile)

Check the file plate meshing for pre-processing the plate in this analysis:

Check my homepage for further documentation and help:



Added file to show results in tabular data


Added m files to plot mesh and necessary files for post-processing to plot contour plots.

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired: Stress recovery, Plate Bending

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