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2d bin packing problem with genetic algorithm

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With mutations, crossover, ect. With animation



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The task is to pack big box with several small boxes. The objective is to maximize total area of all small boxes. I made fitness in follow way: it is area minus penalty in case of overlapping small boxes also overlapping area subtracted from fitness. There are several mutations: places exchange, small jump, big jump, random visible/invisible random rotation at 90 degrees, jumps to nearest box

run ga_2d_box_packing.m

How it works:

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Michael S


Mr. Vedenyov could you please add an explanation to the algorithm.Making something fancy is good, but not worthy if you cant explain it to others.
Or if anyone else is interested in doing so, Most welcome!!

zaheer ahmad

a sequence of code without proper documentation.
that makes it difficult to understand.


SL B (view profile)

Very Good!

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