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Unit Conversion



25 Mar 2003 (Updated )

MATLAB function, GUI & Simulink block for Unit Conversion.

function blkStruct = slblocks
%SLBLOCKS Defines the block library for personal Toolboxes & Blocksets.

% Name of the subsystem which will show up in the SIMULINK Blocksets
% and Toolboxes subsystem.
% Example:  blkStruct.Name = 'DSP Blockset';
blkStruct.Name = ['My' sprintf('\n') 'Blocks'];

% The function that will be called when the user double-clicks on
% this icon.
% Example:  blkStruct.OpenFcn = 'dsplib';
% Example: blkStruct.OpenFcn = 'ExampleTF=tf([1 0],[1 1]);cstblocks;';%.mdl file
blkStruct.OpenFcn = 'myblocks_lib';

% The argument to be set as the Mask Display for the subsystem.  You
% may comment this line out if no specific mask is desired.
% Example:  blkStruct.MaskDisplay = 'plot([0:2*pi],sin([0:2*pi]));';
%blkStruct.MaskDisplay = 'disp(''LTI'')';

% Define the library list for the Simulink Library browser.
% Return the filename of the library model and the labelname for it
Browser(1).Library = 'myblocks_lib';
Browser(1).Name    = 'My Blocks';
blkStruct.Browser = Browser;

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