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29 Jun 2011 (Updated )

Programmatic control of the command window

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Programmatic control of the the command window
On a netbook with a tiny monitor, the toolbar and the statusbar of Matlab's
command window occupy valuable space. The function CmdWinTool uses
undocumented Java methods to hide these UI elements.
But the interface allows much more:
Reply = CmdWinTool(Command, Data)
  Command as string:
  lean, fat: Hide or show toolbar and statusbar
  title: Set and get the window title
  statusText: String in the statusbar at the bottom
  toFront, toBack: Window before of behind other windows.
  hide, show: Hide or show the window
  JPosition: Set/get position relative to virtual screen, java conventions
  Position: Set/get position relative to monitor (*), Matlab conventions
  maximize, minimize, restore: guess...
  xmax, ymax: maximize horizontally/vertically only (*)
  toScreen: Move completely to nearest monitor (*)
  getHWnd: Get OS handle of the window (Windows only?)
  setFocus: Gain keyboard focus (*)
  getText: Get text written to window.
  top: Set AlwaysOnTop property
  font: Set and get font name and size
  background, foreground: Set and get font and background color
  isBusy: TRUE if a program is running
The commands marked with (*) run under Windows only and need WindowAPI:
The other commands should run under MacOS and Linux also.
Tested: Matlab 6.5, 2008b, 2009a, 2011b, 2015b, WinXP, Win7, multi-monitors
Run uTest_CmdWinTool to check compatibility on your platform.
I'd appreciate bugreports and suggestions for improvements.
This function is inspired by Yair Altman's excellent investigations in the
secrets of Matlab. See


Window Api inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 8.6 (R2015b)
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Comments and Ratings (1)
21 Sep 2011 mohammad

So nice

01 Nov 2011 1.1

Additional features: Font, ForeGround, BackGround.
Set and Get methods are joined: The current value is replied, if an output is used.

13 Jun 2015 1.2

Check busy status of Matlab, reply status text

13 Jun 2015 1.2

Minor change in teh documentation

20 Dec 2015 1.3

Supports Matlab 2015b now.

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