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Visualize 3D volumetric image data such as MRI images in Matlab

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Display 3D volumetric data such as MRI images dynamiclly. Click on an image to change the position.



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In this file, mri.mat data is used. If you want to show other data, you can save the data to a matrix D1, or modify the .m file.

Click on any the three MRI images and press "ENTER" to change slices at new [x,y,z] positions.

Press "ESC" and press "ENTER" to exit.

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zee falcon

I'm trying to run in MATLAB 6.1 but it's running.Showing no output.
How to run this.
kindly help me out.


geeta (view profile)

Thanks a lot. you did a great job.


gang (view profile)

good job! Thks a lot!

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MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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