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05 Jul 2011 (Updated )

An electronic construction of the amazing Victorian curiosity!

% Function which retrieves data from the GUI and updates a structure HMG
% within the structure handles
% LAST UPDATED by Andy French 18 March 2011

function handles = get_data_from_gui(handles)

handles.HMG.A = str2num( get( handles.EDITA,'string'));
handles.HMG.D = str2num( get( handles.EDITD,'string'));
handles.HMG.F = str2num( get( handles.EDITF,'string'));
handles.HMG.phi = str2num( get( handles.EDITphi,'string'));
handles.HMG.N = str2num( get( handles.EDITN,'string'));
handles.HMG.M = str2num( get( handles.EDITM,'string'));
types = get(handles.POPUPMENUhmgtype,'string');
type_selected = get(handles.POPUPMENUhmgtype,'value');
handles.HMG.type = types{type_selected};

%End of code

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