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Bindings to Course Coding (tile coding) for Reinfocement Learning.



Matlab bindings to C code for Course Coding.

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File Information

Description of Tile Coding
This is an implementation of grid-style tile codings. Here we provide a procedure, "getTiles", that maps real
variables to a list of tiles.

Please see for more information.

Description of bindings
The "getTiles" function is exposed to Matlab through the MEX (Matlab EXecutable) API. Requires a system with a C compiler (see "doc mex" in Matlab for more information).

Required Products MATLAB Compiler
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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20 Feb 2012 Sergio

Sergio (view profile)

I have followed these instructions to surmount the gcc version:

But running in Matlab:

variables = 0.25*ones(4,1);
numTilings = 32;
memorySize = 4^4*numTilings;
tiles = getTiles(variables, numTilings, memorySize)

it outuputs this error:
??? Attempted to access getTiles__rndseq__(449); index out of bounds because

Error in ==> getTiles>hashCoordinates at 70
sum = sum + getTiles__rndseq__(floor(index));

Error in ==> getTiles at 50
tiles(i) = hashCoordinates(coordinates,memorySize);

Indeed getTiles__rndseq__is a scalar equal -1.4845e+09.

Does it make any sense?

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20 Feb 2012 Sergio

Sergio (view profile)

Hi, I am sorry, but I have not figured how to use your Tile Coding functions. I am able to compile the c file and get the mexa64.

However I do not understand well how to use it. I am lacking some understanding of the input variables.

For instance, where do I set the width of the tiles, perhaps indirectly based on the number of tilings and the total number of tiles?
Where do I set the range of values to grid?
Can I set the displacement vector?
How can avoid hashing if my system is plenty of memory but I want to increase speed?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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