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MATLAB Support Package for Velleman K8055/VM110 Experiment Board

MATLAB library for communicating with a Velleman K8055/VM110 USB Experiment Interface Board

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The Velleman K8055 is a low-cost board for interfacing with lab hardware. It supports digital and analog I/O (including PWM outputs) and connects to the PC through a USB cable (which supplies power as well). The K8055 is sold as a kit of parts, and the Vellman VM110 is the pre-assembled version of the K8055.
This MATLAB Support Package allows you to to communicate with with the Vellman K8055/VM110 from a 32-bit Windows PC. You can:
 * Communicate with multiple K8055/VM110 devices from the MATLAB command line
 * Read and write to the analog and digital channels
 * Write to the PWM outputs
 * Create custom GUIs

The Support Package uses a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is created by Velleman, and *does not* require Data Acquisition Toolbox or Instrument Control Toolbox. The included REAMDE.pdf guides you through the download and install of the Velleman SDK.

The Support Package also comes with a detailed guide for getting started and examples (including GUI examples).

Sample usage:

 % create K8055 board object
 board = vellboard.ExperimentBoard;

 % access analog channel
 data = board.readAnalog(2); % read channel 2
 board.writeAnalog(2, 150); % write 150 to channel 2
 board.writeAnalogAll([50 120]) % write to both channels

 % access digital channel
 data = board.readDigital(1); % read channel 1
 board.writeDigital(l, 0); % write 0 to channel 1

 % access counters (via digital channels)
 board.readCounter(1) % get # of pulses on channel 1
 board.resetCounter(1) % reset counter on channel 1

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Nader (view profile)

i am a new in using this card please help on the procedure to using this M-Files to setup and to interface with this card



The package works perfectly, but if you need to use it with Matlab 64-bits then you'll have to make a few changes.
See this post :


Updated license

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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