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MATLAB Support Package for Velleman K8055/VM110 Experiment Board

MATLAB Support Package for Velleman K8055/VM110 Experiment Board



MATLAB library for communicating with a Velleman K8055/VM110 USB Experiment Interface Board

function result = int2binvec(A,length)
% int2binvec: Converts decimal integers to a 1xn binary vector.
% ans = int2binvec(A)
%   Converts A to an 8-bit 1x8 binary vector. If A is larger than 8 bits
%   (ie. A > 255), any higher-order bits will be truncated.
% ans = int2binvec(A,length)
%   Converts A to a variable length binary vector, the size of which is
%   defined by length. For example, if length = 20, it will create a 1x20
%   vector.
% Binary vectors are little endian, so each entry ans(i) corresponds to the
% 2^i-th place (ie. ans(1) is ones, ans(2) is twos, ans(3) is fours).
% Binary vectors longer or shorter than their decimal equivalents are
% truncated or padded with zeros as necessary.

%   Copyright 2011 The MathWorks, Inc.


if ~exist('length','var')
    length = 8;

result = zeros(1,length);

for i = 1:length
    result(i) = bitget(A,i);


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