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Boggle (V2.0)

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The traditional Boggle Master Game from Hasbro



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The traditional Boggle Master Game from Hasbro. Boggle Master (or Deluxe) contains a 5x5 grid instead of 4x4, making it way more fun and challenging (especially when you become good enough to play longer words only).

The typical rules of Boggle apply to this game. The rules can be found online or in a link from the help file.

These are some of the features thus far

Version 1.0:
-programmed GUI
-spins actual Boggle cubes and generates grid
-allows grid to have letters vertical or rotated
-checks to make sure a word is present (with full Qu handling)
-keeps score
-allows you to set a minimum word length
-keeps/displays a list of words you've entered and makes sure you don't enter the same word twice
-allows for backspace
-if a word fails, it tells you why

Version 2.0:
-allows you to delete a word you don't want by clicking on it.
-allows you to use the up arrow to pull up the most recent word (similar to the MATLAB command window, but will only pull up the most recent word. Useful for plurals, 'er','ed' endings etc.)
-optional timed game with adjustable time. It will start timing on the next new game. When the time has elapsed it just gives you a warning dialog, it doesn't stop you from continuing.

A few notes:
-I know the documentation is lacking, it'll be better for version 3.0. All you have to do to run this is type: boggle
at the command line or run it from the editor. Type a word and then hit return on the keyboard.
-Future goals listed in the help file.

Comments/Feedback/Criticisms welcome and encouraged!


Also, I would like to thank Bruno Luong for assistance with the engine behind insuring words' presence.

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Added: ability to delete word, most recent word pulled up with up arrow, optional timed game with adjustable times.

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