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SVN Profiling

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SVN Profiling



10 Aug 2011 (Updated )

Read data from files tagged with an SVN keyword

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File Information

These functions read and process data embedded in files using the SVN keywords property. Use the functions to:
> read a desired keyword from a specified file;
> build a profile from many folders of source code, using any number of keywords;
> identify the most recently committed file (head revision).

This is useful for building an audit trail for your code, or identifying the version used to generate a particular data set. For example, the output of build_svn_profile can be inserted into a results .mat file to quickly establish versions of every file used to generate the results.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
Other requirements Code should be version controlled using Subversion, with keyword(s) embedded in files.
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11 Aug 2011 1.1

Some bug fixes and some improved functionality: build_svn_profile.m additionally outputs the file name and path alongside the keyword data for each searched file, multiple keywords are supported; get_contents.m additionally outputs a directory flag.

11 Aug 2011 1.2

Removed sort (output is sufficiently sorted). Crop of keyword data made less strict, so that the keyword is included in the output.

17 Aug 2011 1.3

Corrected spelling mistakes in help comments. Added requirement.

31 Aug 2011 1.4

read_svn_keyword: fixed a small bug regarding the identification of the second '$'. build_svn_profile: changed output format to add columns for each keyword. Added string output. Added add_ps_comments.m for adding comments to PostScript file.

18 Jan 2012 1.7

Numerous improvements and fixes, including a recursive option and updated documentation

01 Feb 2012 1.9

Added head_rev function, minor updates to documentation.

25 Apr 2013 1.10

Simplified GET_CONTENTS interface. See

03 Jun 2013 1.11

Replaced GET_CONTENTS with latest version. Removed ADD_PS_COMMENTS - work in progress. Updated description.

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