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Laser Dot Isolation

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This Simulink model will track a laser dot



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According to my specific need for a robot vision project, i developed this model which will track in real time through the Blob Analysis a red laser dot.

It is easy to modify it, according to your needs.

If you have some questions, feel free with me.



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John (view profile)


I have been attempting to do exactly the same thing with a setup I am working on, and have a lot of "jitter" in the centroid. I believe that is is due to noise from the reflective surface of the image of the laser dot.

I am working with a b/w high speed camera, and have a zoom lens with an aperture adjustment.

Did you ever experience this, and were you ever able to come to a resolution?


I just want to know if this application works well for your own applications.

Thank you for your comments.



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