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Process Control

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Analysis of 1st & 2ndOrder systems using P,I,D,PI,PD,PID controllers through Step & Impulse response



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The first order and Second Order are general in nature.

About the process variables one can refer to the info given..

If first Order is chosen second order variables cannot be entered and vice versa. if entered an error message will be shown.

ID controller realization is invalid and upon doing it an error message will be shown.

If only integral is chosen then derivative variable or proportional variable cannot be entered.

Finally Step response and Impulse response is realized.

The plot is Pan enabled and zoom controls and grid control is provided

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Dipak Kumar

Simple and good

Jong-Hwan Kim

Jong-Hwan Kim (view profile)

Good to understand and learn.

lidian zhao



Transfer Function is shown...
Errors concerning analysis are fixed..


Transfer Function is shown..
Errors concerning analysis fixed..


Overall Transfer Function is shown..
Errors concerning analysis is fixed..

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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