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Stress recovery

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a code is written to extract stress in 2D plane stress analysis



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In engineering analysis one is interested in stress values for the structure. This code shows how stress values are obtained from displacement's. Stress values are accurate at the Gauss points and these stresses are used to obtain the stresses at nodal points. Methods like Extrapolation or Patch Recovery can be used. Stresses obtained are averaged to get average stresses. Code shows how to extract stresses and find element nodal stresses, how to average them and how to find vonmises stresses.

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KSSV (view profile)

@ Shani Shahi with the help of the present code it is easy to extend to tetrahedron element.

shani shahi

hi dear @silva. i have an issue with the 4noded tetrahedron element codes in matlab that can extract plane stress & strain out of nodes displacements. I have searched everywhere but i couldnt find anything.can you help me in this please?



Thanks. I'll give it a try.


KSSV (view profile)


The same code as it is will not work for tetrahedron. The present code works for 2D 4-noded element. Your's is 4 noded 3D element. But the same analogy can be easily extended to Tetrahedron.


Excellent work. Would work for 4 noded tetrahedron element !?

m j

m j (view profile)

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: The Plane Stress Problem

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