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Points On Line

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Points On Line



18 Aug 2011 (Updated )

Linearly spaced points between two point and ,point in Convex Hull test.

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pointsOnLine:Linearly spaced points between two points in space . This function uses direction vector of two point to calculate points between .

inConvHull:function to test a point inside a 3d Convex Hull
zip file contain

pointsOnLine.m : creates linearly spaced points .

testpointsOnLine.m : example showing the use of pointsOnLine function .

sphericalDodecahedron.m : projection of dodecahedron on sphere . Uses this function to create points between two vertex.

inConvHull.m :function test a point whether it is inside a 3d convex hull or not.

testInHull.m :script to test inConvHull function.


Cubed Sphere inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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30 Oct 2011 Ankur Pawar

It is generalized but not fast.

tic,points = pointsOnLine([2 4 5],[9 9 9],500);toc
Elapsed time is 0.000351 seconds

tic,points = interp1([0;1], [2 4 5;9 9 9], linspace(0,1,500));toc
Elapsed time is 0.001596 seconds

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18 Oct 2011 Sven

Sven (view profile)

Please note that this function can be generalised with a speedup by:

points = interp1([0;1], [point1;point2], linspace(0,1,numPoints));

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29 Nov 2011 1.1

Included a new function inConvHull.m for in convex hull test.

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