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GUI for displaying image stacks, e.g. time-resolved or z-stacked microscopy images.



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GUI for displaying image stacks, either from a 3D array given as indata or from a tiff, lsm, or other stack chosen by the user.

NOTE: StackSlider uses tiffread to import stacks from files. Tiffread can be downloaded for free from

The GUI features changing of the displayed frame with either a slider or editbox, user-settable colormap, and two smoothing options: Gaussian and averaging (disk) filters. Both smoothing options can be controlled (filter radius and standard deviation of the gaussian) in the GUI. A "reset all" button does exactly what you'd think, and a "make figure" button pops a new figure containing the currently viewed frame including smoothing.

Not the coolest thing ever, I know, but I figured someone might find it useful...

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Felix Thouin

Amazing thank you!

Perfect, exactly what I needed for view image stacks. Thank you.



Colormap jet now displays zero as black and saturated as white, and colormap gray now displays zero as blue and saturated as red, emulating the Zeiss "range indicator". Code is now in cell mode.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

Inspired by: 41 Complete GUI Examples

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