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Dynamics Simulator for Kinematic Chains

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This is a library that performs a dynamics simulation of a robotic arm.



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The library is a basic dynamic simulator for kinematic chains. You just need to provide the symbolic Denavit-Hartenber parameter matrix. 'ComputeDynamics' function uses the Euler-Lagrange method to find the joint-space dynamics equation matrices. SimulateRobot function uses Euler method to simulate the kinematic chain. The rest of the functions are from my earlier submission "Simple Forward Kinematics library for robotic chains"
There is a clear and easy example of a 2DOF pendulum. Feel free to modify add and improve on the code.
P.S. The code still requires lots of development and testing. Testing needs to be done on different DH parameters. I didn't have the time to test for prismatic joints. And the performance is really slow. Any help is appreciated.

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Rohit Mishra

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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