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ATSC: From RF to Video

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A set of models to process an ATSC RF signal and output an MPEG II video transport stream.



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This set of files implements a *compliant* ATSC demodulator and decoder that accepts a captured real-world RF ATSC signal as the input and produces an MPEG-II video transport stream as the final output. The models are built in stages demonstrating a top-down design flow leading from RF to the video transport stream.
Please read the ATSC_README.doc in the file. This document provides details on the models and contains a link to the captured data files as well.

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david deng


Updated license


R2014b compliant.


Updated for R2014B


Models updated to be compliant with changes in R2013B.


The models have been modified to be in compliance with changes made to R2013B.


Adjustments to run in 2009B through 2012A (pre-release)


Removed ATSC related PDF docs and replaced them with links to the document sources.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)

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