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Simulink - Agilent VSA decoder/analysis files

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Transmission of digital modulated Baseband signals through simulink and Analysis through Agilent vsa



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These programs are for generating signal through matlab-simulink and simultaneously analyzing them through vector signal analyzer from
Agilent Technoloiges.

Agilent Technologies "Vector signal Analyzer" (VSA) 89600 version has simulink support. Any BaseBand data of any wireless standards (few are given below) generated through Simulink and can be analyzed on the VSA on PC/Laptop.

1. WLAN (802.11 a/b/g/n) & Hiperlan
2. wimax (802.16d or 802.16e)
3. LTE
6. Any digital modulation scheme.
7. Any Analog modulation scheme.

Apart from analysis can be done on Agilent VSA
1. Eye diagram
2. Band power
3. EVM.
and many others.

A Trial license of 14 days can be obtained and within that duration it can be used for decoding/analysis of various baseband signals. Although Many standards are supported on VSA (for decoding and analysis), i am able to list a few above..

Currently included files are compatible with agilent version 12.00

Agilent VSA can be downloaded from this link

Apart from downloading, during installation care has to be taken to install SIMULINK Drivers also and after installation of VSA
Simulink drivers, in MATLAB Simulink library can find AGILENT SOURCE/SINK modules ..that can be used for drag and drop.

Regarding files

On the transmitter side, files are given in form of simulink models (.mdl format) and on the receiver side VSA files (.set format).

1. oN Simulink, please load the given .mdl format file. in this folder please load vsa_test_qpsk.mdl
2. on Agilent, VSA go to FILE-->Recall-->Recall Setup please browse to file vsa_qpsk.set
3. when simulink file is put into run mode, the modulated data generated (by simulink) is pumped into vsa sink blockset in simulink.
4. the vsa sink blockset transfer the data to the vsa.
5. the vsa setup file (.set format file) will have appropriate settings to decode data and analyse the signal.

Currently with this submission, i am enclosing .set and .mdl files for demodulation/analysis of

1. msk
2. qpsk
3. 8psk

RC Reddy

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