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Cascaded H bridge Multilevel Inverter

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Cascaded H bridge Multilevel Inverter


ak (view profile)


It generates ac output of 27 level per phase.

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File Information

It is designed to generate ac output of 27 levels/ phase. Three H bridges are used with three unequal distributed DC sources (1:3:9). "A" represents the no. of level in the output and "F" indicates the output frequency. Sinusoidal PWM used to vary the output voltage and frequency. So the model can be used for other applications like drives, DVR, grid tied inverter etc.,


This file inspired Multilevel H Bridge Inverter and Continuation Of H Bridge Inverter.

Required Products Simscape Power Systems
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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Comments and Ratings (20)
08 Oct 2016 Vatsal Shah  
07 Oct 2016 Susan Sun

This is very cool! I wonder if you have any documentation that I might find helpful, either by yourself or academic publications or textbooks that helped in making this model?

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15 Sep 2016 Henry Lizcano


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04 Sep 2016 Arka Burman

I have a seven level chb inverter I have gated the inverter with pulse generator when i measure voltage at noload its perfect but with load its not 7 level.....then how i can solved this problem?

09 May 2016 zakaria boutiche

Inverter 3 level h bridge

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04 May 2016 myao yao  
29 Feb 2016 SURYAPRAKASH M  
23 Feb 2016 Abdul Basit

it consist of 3 h bridge and it gives 27 level of out put , i like to know how 2h bridges produce 9 level of out put ,please help me to obtain 9 level that
is use only 2 H bridges..

07 Jan 2016 Alexander Petersen

It is achieved by the three DC sources having different values. Top one can achieve +/-25V with three levels, next one can do +/-75V with another three levels and the lower one can do +/-225V with three levels. Therefore, overall, +/-325V with 27 levels. Magic.

18 May 2015 Ashwin Shirsat

Need information on designing pulse generation circuit.
I did not understand how this circuit generates 27 levels. We have 3 dc sources. So number of levels should be (2*3)+1=7 [2s+1....where s is no of dc sources].

09 Apr 2015 Shravankumar CITD

great Job.

09 Feb 2015 praveen sai

hi i want help with the design of a seven level inverter . please do help me.

24 Jan 2015 Amin Behfarnia  
14 Dec 2014 rabbani roslan

hi.. im newbie here.. i do not know how to determine the pulse signal for each switch. can u give me the pulse for hepwm?thank you.. =)

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27 Jun 2014 hanuma kumar  
21 Mar 2014 Danilo NASCIMENTO

Are you using a subharmonic pwm (SHPWM)?

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17 Jan 2014 chandu

chandu (view profile)

How to build this kind of complex circuits in less time?
Please help me regarding this problem.
My mail id is:

Any help is appreciable. Thanks in advance.

23 Oct 2013 Pondicherry Univ

need of information about pulse generation

17 May 2012 ARUNAI ENGG

good design

05 May 2012 ARUNAI ENGG

it consist of 3 h bridge and it gives 27 level of out put , i like to know how 2h bridges produce 9 level of out put ,please help me to obtain 9 level that
is use only 2 H bridges

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