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Uses scattered data points to interpolate pixel values of a head image.

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This functions uses GRIDDATA to interpolate pixel values from scatterred points on a head image. A reference image can be used to interactively select point locations from the 10/20 international system (EEG electrode position). Options for interpolation include linear and cubic and nearest. The input is are values corresponding to each location selected. Examples included.

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please help me out with this error, am getting this error i dont know how to remove this ...

>> eegplot
Error using eegplot (line 59)
Not enough input arguments.



Rodney (view profile)

I get error algorithm

Ikaro Silva

Ikaro Silva (view profile)

@Smith, send me an email with the exact error message (if any), steps, and the matlab version that you are using. thanks.

@Chan, the data was artificially generated a long time ago. It was simple 2D exponential decay.


Smith (view profile)

I had downloaded the code, and I have tried many times.But I don't konw how could I get the same result as you did. Can you help me?

Chan Ling

It is good work and it will help me in my project. Anyway I need to know what kind of data in example_data and eegplotdata? I need your answer. Thanks!

duk shin

It is a nice job.

Aiiar ElEssa

The attached data files are shortcuts i.e the data not exist

hasan ata özdemir

thanks you for helping my gradution thesis

khadidja djeffal

pas mal

edwin colana

David Beer

Worked much faster than griddata and did the job just as well, with no errors. This is very helpful.



fixed errors with break statements appearing outside the loop when checking for valid input arguments.

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MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

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