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TIle Coding (CMAC) for reinforcement learning

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Linear tile coding function approximation based on CMAC algorithm

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Description of Tile Coding
This is an implementation of grid-style tile codings. Here we provide a procedure, "getTiles", that maps real
variables to a list of tiles.

Please see for more information.

The code is based on the accompanying material to "Reinforcment Learning - An Introduction", by Sutton & Barto.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Reza Ahmadzadeh

The code is well-written, thanks!

Two suggestions:
1- You cannot use 'sum' as a variable. It is a MATLAB function.

2- It would be very nice to provide an example with the code.

Reza Ahmadzadeh

The code is well-written. Thanks!

Reza Ahmadzadeh

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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