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Dent Detection in a vehicle after collision

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This program will find the dent in a vehicle after collision has occurred.



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The program will compare the original image of a vehicle and the image taken after collision has occurred. The comparison will find the dents in the vehicle and highlight the boundaries.
The code is developed to find the dents in an insured vehicle when it comes for claims. The original image is required to make sure that the claims is made on the insured vehicle.

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Ashish Tajne

Vehicle detection code based on image processing Matlab


Ashu (view profile)

This is just a part of the whole thing. For different lighting and background, I will be uploading the code soon. Keep watching this place for more updates.


Anon (view profile)

So and how do I get my vehicle in exactly the same position and the same lighting after crashing it?


Anon (view profile)



Use from business perspective.

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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