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System of linear congruences

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Solution to Simultaneous Linear Congruences



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X = LINCON(A,B,N) solves the system of linear congruences

A(1) * X == B(1) (mod N(1))
A(2) * X == B(2) (mod N(2))
A(m) * X == B(m) (mod N(m))

The solution, X, will be given as a vector [x1 x2] representing the general solution

X == x1 (mod x2)

Any specific answer can be found by letting X = x1 + x2 * k for any integer value of k.

If no solution exists [NaN NaN] will be returned.

A scalar input functions as a constant vector of the same size as the other inputs.

Program is compatible with Variable Precision Integer Arithmetic Toolbox available on File Exchange (#22725) Use of VPI is recommended for large magnitude inputs or outputs. If VPI is not used and internal calculations exceed largest consecutive flint a warning will be given that results may be inaccurate, along with [NaN NaN].

Example #1:
Solve the following system of linear congruences
2x == 2 (mod 6)
3x == 2 (mod 7)
2x == 4 (mod 8)

a=[2 3 2]; b=[2 2 4]; n=[6 7 8];

isequal( mod(a*x(1),n) , b)

Example #2:
Use of VPI for large magnitude numbers. Solve the following system of linear congruences
(1234567)x == 89 (mod 2^32)
(9876543)x == 21 (mod 3^50)
(5555)x == 62830211 (mod 7^10)

a=[1234567 9876543 5555]; b=[89 21 62830211];
n=[vpi(2)^32 vpi(3)^50 vpi(7)^10];

isequal( mod(a*x(1),n) , b)

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Inspired by: Variable Precision Integer Arithmetic

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