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Neural network simple programs for beginners

  • neural1.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural10.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural11.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural2.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural3.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural4.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural5.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural6.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural7.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
  • neural8.mEditor : Sayed Abulhasan Quadri ,Research Associate
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Neural network simple programs for beginners



15 Sep 2011 (Updated )

Simple programs demonstrating Artificial network using Matlab .

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The tutorial contains programs for PERCEPTRON and LINEAR NETWORKS
 Classification with a 2-input perceptron
 Classification with a 3-input perceptron
 Classification with a 2-neuron perceptron
 Classification with a 2-layer perceptron
Pattern association with a linear neuron
 Training a linear layer
 Adaptive linear layer
 Linear prediction
 Adaptive linear prediction

Required Products Neural Network Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
MATLAB Search Path
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Comments and Ratings (9)
15 Dec 2014 Ioan Muntean

I have problems with running this code in R2014b. No function initp

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02 Oct 2014 Marc Wu

where is this function initp?i dont think it is an implicit function in ANNs toolbox.

27 Jul 2014 Thomas Papalaskaris  
14 Mar 2013 ECE

ECE (view profile)

07 Aug 2012 the cyclist

I encountered the same error as you did, Ralph. My guess is that this submission requires the Neural Network Toolbox. If so, that should have been noted in the submission.

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28 Oct 2011 mostafa saeed

thank's for you ser

08 Oct 2011 Mr Smart  
16 Sep 2011 Eugeniy

Thank's for you, this work very good.

15 Sep 2011 Ralph

Ralph (view profile)

Thanks for sharing, I'd like to have a look round/play with the code but getting the following error:

Undefined function or method 'initp' for input arguments of type

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16 Sep 2011

Few more programs are added to tutorial

20 Nov 2014

Toolbox option is marked.

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