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Forecasting the FTSE 100 with high-frequency data: A comparison of realized measures

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My dissertation for the MSc in Finance & Economics from Warwick Business School



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You can find the .pdf of the dissertation on SSRN:
The description of the submission is available on the forum Answers:
* the mcolon by Bruno Luong is slightly adapted to my needs (no change in the engine).
* The script fot the dissertation and bp.m have the path to the data hardcoded. I cannot re-distribute the data, however you're free to add some of your own and change the path accordingly (future releases may be more general).
You can post feedback/requests here or on the forum.

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Mirko (view profile)

Oleg, the code is relativ complex. If you want People to have a look and to understand - it would help to add a small Piece of data (e.g. with 2 or 3 entries). This should help to see how the data to input is structureh and how the whole thing works. Regards Mirko



Added full suite of files and script of the paper.


Edited description and added full package with functions.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

Inspired by: Multiple-Colon, DataTable, regstats2

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