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getundoc - get undocumented object properties

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GETUNDOC returns a structure of undocumented properties (names & values) for the specified object



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GETUNDOC('OBJECT') or GETUNDOC(H) returns a structure of undocumented properties (names & values) for the object having handle H or identified by the string 'OBJECT'.
GETUNDOC(H,true) returns the undocumented properties of H, while skipping the following standard undocumented properties: ALimInclude, ApplicationData, Behavior, CLimInclude, HelpTopicKey, IncludeRenderer, PixelBounds, Serializable, XLimInclude, YLimInclude, ZLimInclude
For example, GETUNDOC('axes') or GETUNDOC(gca) returns undocumented property names and values for the axes object.

Full technical description:

This is an extension of Duane Hanselman's original utility from 2006 (which is no longer available on the File Exchange).

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Yair Altman

Yair Altman (view profile)

Robert - you are correct: there is no need for the aerospace blockset - it got in there by some mistake

Robert Cumming

Robert Cumming (view profile)

excellent - but why the tag needs Aerospace toolset?

Excellent and easy to use .



removed internal HG2 mirror properties from the returned list


added support for any Matlab class object (not just handle classes); added onCleanup function


Support for any Matlab handle class, not just those deriving hgsetget


added support for user classes deriving hgsetget


enabled optional input parameter to skip standard undocumented props


added support for handle() references; added support all the way back to Matlab 6.0 (R12)


Removed the Aerospace Blockset from the list of requirements - it got in there by mistake...


added public fields (Java & MCOS)


Compatibility fix for HG2

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
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