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GUI Single Degree of Freedom Vibration Calculator

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It is a useful tool to study SDOF vibration.



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This GUI program is easily able to describe most of the single degree of freedom system. It has been designed to solve both free and force response systems such as undamp, overdamp, critical damp, and underdamp of the free response and harmonic, resonance, base excitation, impulse, and unit function of force response. It can also show plot of displacement and equation of final solution by text form. This program is mathematically based on 'Engineering Vibration 3rd edition, Daniel J. Inman'.

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1. different color line plot
2. It can use resonance in the harmonic function when the natural frequency equals to driving one.


I updated with many functions that can describe harmonic, resonance, base excitation, impulse, and unit function


I missed m file that is why I upload again


I uploaded fig file for m file to work properly.


I upload *.fig file

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