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Laboratory froth flotation machine automation GUI

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This program was designed to work as a controller for upgraded DV-2 laboratory flotation machine.



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It is designed to work with following data acquisition cards:
- ADVANTECH PCI-1713-AE, 16 - channel differential analog input card
- ADVANTECH PCI-1720, 4 - channel analog output card

Following devices are connected (although these can be changed for other models with analog input/output):
- MVXF50A0-2, adjustable frequency AC drive controller (0-10V analog input)
- FMA-A2409, mass flow meter and controler (0-5V analog input and 4-20mA analog output)
- PHP-701, pH meter and controller (4-20mA analog output)
- TXDIN70, pt100 temperature transmitter (4-20mA analog output)

This connection makes it possible to:
- turn flotation test on/off (agitation)
- automatically adjust air flow after conditioning period is over
- measure temperature and pH
- log all of the above mentioned parameters (for each second of test) and save the results as txt or xls file

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