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23 Sep 2011 (Updated )

Show directory listings.

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   % LS_MOD shows directory listings. It is rather like the dir command in
   % Windows or ls command in Unix.
   % LS_MOD is a GUI-based program which allows you to perform different
   % kinds of listings or searches.
   % Define a path for directory listing (text field below the title Insert
   % Path:). You can either manually define a path or just use the browse
   % button. Press the execute button to start the listing (or search) and
   % when you are done, close the gui by pressing the close button.
   % In order to add a few rules for listing(or search), inside the preferences
   % panel you are able to specify some options (see below).
   % A List of GUI preferences:
   % Show Hidden Files (checkbox, default off)
   % List Subdirectories Recursively (checkbox, default off)
   % Show Sizes (checkbox, default off)
   % Show Last Modified Date (checkbox, default off)
   % Search Field (text field, default none):
   % Inside the text field (reads Type search text...) you can
   % define words or parts of words you would like to be searched.
   % When searching a particular file(s), you can define a search
   % text in a form of str*, *str and str. Where str is a string
   % which will be contained in a file's name.
   % It's possible to use the wildcard character "*" at the end of a
   % string or at the beginning of a string. If the asterisk operator
   % is used at the end of string, a file name is assumed to start
   % with a specified string. Consistently, if the asterisk operator
   % is used at the beginning of a string, a file name is assumed
   % to end with a specified string. On the other hand a mere string
   % without the asterisk operator is searched throughout the file
   % name. The search is done based on case-insensitivity.
   % All the matched files will be highlighted in red.
   % You can clear the text field by pressing the right-mouse button
   % inside the field if there is a text Type search text...
   % Order by name, last modified date or size (popupmenu, default name)
   % Define file size for filtering(text field, default none):
   % All the files less than a specified size will be filtered.
   % You can reverse the filtering direction by changing the .LT. value
   % to .GT.(popupmenu). In this case the program will filter all
   % the files larger than a specified value.
   % Define date for filtering (text field, default none):
   % You can either specify the date manually or press the Select a
   % single date button which opens the uicalendar tool. In case you
   % prefer to give the date directly to the field the format must be
   % Like in the size filtering mode, you can also reverse
   % the filtering direction by changing the .LT. value to .GT.


This file inspired Recursive Directory Search.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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Comments and Ratings (2)
26 Oct 2011 Mikko Leppänen

Hi Jan,

I have now updated the file with a bigger picture.

Comment only
25 Oct 2011 Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

Could you provide a bigger picture, please?

Comment only
30 Sep 2011 1.2

Minor bug fixed.
Filtering options added.

11 Oct 2011 1.6

Search files based on name option added.

24 Oct 2011 1.8

ls_mod is now a gui-based program.

26 Oct 2011 1.11

Bigger screenshot.

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