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   % LS_MOD shows directory listings. It is rather like the dir command in
   % Windows or ls command in Unix.
   % LS_MOD is a GUI-based program which allows you to perform different
   % kinds of listings or searches.
   % Define a path for directory listing (text field below the title Insert
   % Path:). You can either manually define a path or just use the browse
   % button. Press the execute button to start the listing (or search) and
   % when you are done, close the gui by pressing the close button.
   % In order to add a few rules for listing(or search), inside the preferences
   % panel you are able to specify some options (see below).
   % A List of GUI preferences:
   % Show Hidden Files (checkbox, default off)
   % List Subdirectories Recursively (checkbox, default off)
   % Show Sizes (checkbox, default off)
   % Show Last Modified Date (checkbox, default off)
   % Search Field (text field, default none):
   % Inside the text field (reads Type search text...) you can
   % define words or parts of words you would like to be searched.
   % When searching a particular file(s), you can define a search
   % text in a form of str*, *str and str. Where str is a string
   % which will be contained in a file's name.
   % It's possible to use the wildcard character "*" at the end of a
   % string or at the beginning of a string. If the asterisk operator
   % is used at the end of string, a file name is assumed to start
   % with a specified string. Consistently, if the asterisk operator
   % is used at the beginning of a string, a file name is assumed
   % to end with a specified string. On the other hand a mere string
   % without the asterisk operator is searched throughout the file
   % name. The search is done based on case-insensitivity.
   % All the matched files will be highlighted in red.
   % You can clear the text field by pressing the right-mouse button
   % inside the field if there is a text Type search text...
   % Order by name, last modified date or size (popupmenu, default name)
   % Define file size for filtering(text field, default none):
   % All the files less than a specified size will be filtered.
   % You can reverse the filtering direction by changing the .LT. value
   % to .GT.(popupmenu). In this case the program will filter all
   % the files larger than a specified value.
   % Define date for filtering (text field, default none):
   % You can either specify the date manually or press the Select a
   % single date button which opens the uicalendar tool. In case you
   % prefer to give the date directly to the field the format must be
   % Like in the size filtering mode, you can also reverse
   % the filtering direction by changing the .LT. value to .GT.

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Hi Jan,

I have now updated the file with a bigger picture.

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

Could you provide a bigger picture, please?



Bigger screenshot.


ls_mod is now a gui-based program.


Search files based on name option added.


Minor bug fixed.
Filtering options added.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

Inspired: Recursive directory search

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