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Excel Embedded chart.

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create an embedded chart in excel from data in excel spreadsheet.



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this function provides embedded charts in excel from data already present and saved in excel.
1) download the zip file here.
2) open test1.m and set the address of test1.xlsx accordingly.
3) run test1.m, DONE.

once you get round to what the function is capable of then, it is open to you to modify it the way you want it.

note: this function does not save the excel spreadsheet, but it is rather easy to do that any way.
also you can write and modify the function to what ever extent you want... i have left this here to users, any problems or questions let me know.


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I got this to work using MATLAB 2014a, Excel 2013 in Windows 7 by replacing
"AddChart" with "AddChart2" in EmChartObj. I noticed use of AddChart2 when I inspected some excel macros. None of this changes the fact that excel graphs (aka "charts", are we sailing?) are very ugly.

there are currently no books or written document, to my knowledge! there are however very limited code examples on mathwork web site that you need to search for it, including xlswrite and xlsread. other than that it is just spending time, and look for examples like this in file exchange, that is the best i can give you. also i have written a function that does a lot more on excel and i will upload that soon, this will be a good example to follow for you.

w sq

w sq (view profile)

well done. Can you recommend me some books about using microsoft Excel in matlab?

I have some questions about Excel, See my Ask 'program skills about Microsoft Excel, Word and so on' if you have any interest.


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