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A multidimensional map class

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MapN provides a map class similar to containers.Map, but with multidimensional keys.



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MapN provides a multidimensional map container.

A MapN object contains key lists and values. A value is some unit of data that you want stored in the MapN object, and a key list is a unique reference to that data.

MapN is modelled on containers.Map, but whereas a containers.Map object is indexed by a single scalar or string key, a MapN object is indexed by an ordered set of such keys, expressed as a comma-separated list of arguments.

A MapN object is constructed like this:

M = MapN();

Values are stored using M(key1, key2, ...) = value, for example:

M(1, 'a') = 'a string value';
M(1, 'b') = 287.2;
M(2) = [1 2 3; 4 5 6];
M(2, 'x', pi) = {'a' 'cell' 'array'};

and values are retrieved using M(key1, key2, ...), for example

v = M(1, 'b');
u = M(2);

This contribution also includes a memoize function, inspired by the blog entry at The memoize function demonstrates one use of MapN.

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David Young

David Young (view profile)

Thank you Renwen Lin, I'll look at that suggestions.

Renwen Lin

SUGGESTION: New feature like:
VREST = values(M,{'KEY1' 'KEY2'})
M({'KEY1' 'KEY2'})


Xiaohu (view profile)

Double checked that the bug is fixed. Thanks a lot again David!

David Young

David Young (view profile)

Xiaohu - bug now fixed.

M I - Thank you for the suggestion but I have not adopted it. There are discussions of the reasons here: and here

David Young

David Young (view profile)

Xiaohu - thank you. I will have a look at the problem you report shortly.


Xiaohu (view profile)

Really nice code! Thank you very much for the submission.

Just want to provide a feedback. I think there is a bug on remove(), which can be reproduced with the code below. The result should be a MapN object with one item, however it returns no keys. Please let me know if I'm using it wrong.

Thanks again.

m = MapN();
m(1, 'a') = 'x';
m(2, 'b') = 222;
remove(m, 1, 'a');

David Young

David Young (view profile)

Thanks M I. Looks like that should go in, and I'll try to get round to it soon.


M I (view profile)

very nice.
a little Update to your Code:
you can also use function calls like "map.isKey(..)" and avoid the according error, if you add the following at beginning of the function "subsref(M, S)":

if ~strcmp(S(1).type, '()')
v = builtin('subsref', M, S);


Andrew (view profile)

Very useful! Wish Matlab had this functionality built in. Would be nice from a runtime standpoint though if accessing/modifying could be done in more of a vectorized fashion.



Fixed bug in remove method. My thanks to Xiaohu for reporting the bug.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

Inspired: davestanley/MultiDimensionalDictionary

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