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Radar plot

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Create a radar plot



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Legends and Line properties can be changed. No toolboxes required

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Sanjeev Goyal

Thanks for your posting,

I am stuck with the following error:

Not enough input arguments.

Error in radarPlot (line 14)
[M, N] = size(P,varargin);

Mr Smart

Sav Deb

I need a help.

How can I set the scale for radar plot to better visualize point positions along a radar axis?

Thank you


Alp (view profile)

David Said

David Said (view profile)

%% A small demo for this file

nPoints = 4;
nDimensions = 6;
P = rand(nDimensions, nPoints);
pointNames = arrayfun( @(i)sprintf('p_{%d}', i),...
1:nPoints, 'UniformOutput', false);

radarPlot(P, 'o:','LineWidth', 1.5, 'MarkerFaceColor', [0,0,0])
legend(pointNames{:}, 'Location', 'Best');
title('Radar Plot Demo');

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

Inspired: radar plot, Spider (Radar) Plot

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