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image effect

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image effect


123456 (view profile)


06 Oct 2011 (Updated )

lets you take a picture or browse for it and put some effects on it

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File Information

Take a picture, edit it, then you can save it.
Features include:


Yuy2 To Rgb Converter inspired this file.

Required Products Image Acquisition Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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Comments and Ratings (9)
02 Feb 2012 Roxy

Roxy (view profile)

interestingly, your code does not seem to detect my camera , even though i seem my option listed on your GUI, but i am unable to take a picture or continue with it.

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03 Nov 2011 john

john (view profile)

nice GUI. I learnt a lot from this and now can make my own GUIs

02 Nov 2011 123456

123456 (view profile)

Thank you Anon, for your reply. Now my code is a bit shorter and I've learnt something new about MATLAB. If anyone else can spot any mistakes or errors, please tell me because it helps me learn more

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30 Oct 2011 Anon

Anon (view profile)

This is quite cumbersome:




You could just write
img = 255-img;

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26 Oct 2011 123456

123456 (view profile)

So can anyone tell me whether this code worked on their computer or not?

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22 Oct 2011 Mr Smart

09 Oct 2011 123456

123456 (view profile)

I mean "you can press the 'Take your picture' button again to take another picture."

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09 Oct 2011 123456

123456 (view profile)

Sorry Ganesh, but I don't understand your question. Do you mean you want live inversion? Or do you mean that you would like to take a 'trial picture' before inverting, in which case you can press the 'invert button' again to take another picture

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09 Oct 2011 GANESH Prabhakar

Hi, This is Ganesh

I tested this function,it is working fine with my web camera.

but the problem is there is no preview in the axes1 before taking picture..

is thr any fuction regarding that.. plz help me..

21 Oct 2011 1.1

I made the modal question a bit shorter

21 Oct 2011 1.2

fixed the errors

25 Oct 2011 1.4

fixed the error ??? Reference to non-existent field 'rgb'.

27 Oct 2011 1.5

made the two static texts in 'modal question' so that it looks connected

28 Oct 2011 1.6

added 'imaqreset' so that the detection of cameras would be more accurate and added the 'grayscale' buton

31 Oct 2011 1.7

added the 'save button', 'display same picture' button, and 'open in Image Viewer' button. Also edited in accordance to Anon

16 Jul 2012 1.8

Added new features and fixed bugs

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