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Tecplot ASCII FEBLOCK file loader

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Load Tecplot ASCII FEBLOCK file of surfaces exported from Fluent into a Matlab structure.



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I noticed that there was not one of these on File exchange so here is one that I created.

A simple function created to read in Tecplot ASCII files of surface data exported from Fluent CFD.

Creates a Matlab structure representing the file block structure where the fields are the zones and subfields the variables.

Currently it only reads in Quad and Tri surfaces, but I suspect that it would be easy to modify to read in volumes.

I have only tested it with Fluent output data, so there may be some tweaking required to make it more robust to data exported from other sources.

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Thanks for the valuable code. Could you please add a Tecplot data file as an example and the generated contour in Matlab.

Gus Brown

Gus Brown (view profile)

Note that trisurf will work for quads too.



Removed quadsurf requirement, trisurf works for quads too.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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