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DICOMDir - OO dicom directory

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DICOMDir - OO dicom directory


Sven (view profile)


DICOMDir parses and browses a given DICOMDIR dicom dictionary fie

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File Information

%DICOMDIR DICOMDir object representing the heirarchical structure of a DICOMDIR file
% DD = DICOMDir(FILE) where FILE is the path to a given DICOMDIR file
% DICOMDIR methods:
% gui - will open a graphical user interface to browse the DICOMDIR
% exportImgsToDCM - will export images in the DICOMDIR to a new folder
% deleteImgs - will delete images in the DICOMDIR from disk
% getOrigFullFilenames - returns the full file names of images in the DICOMDIR
% retrieveExtraFields - retrieves additional fields into patients, studies, series or images
% parseDicomdir - (Static) returns DICOMDIR patients, studies, series and images separately
% DICOMDIR properties:
% filepath - Full path of this DICOMDIR file
% filename - DICOMDIR filename (defaults to "DICOMDIR")
% patients - Structure array containing all PATIENT information
% studies - Structure array containing all STUDY information
% series - Structure array containing all SERIES information
% images - Structure array containing all IMAGE information
% studiesMap - N-by-2 array linking STUDIES to their corresponding PATIENT index
% seriesMap - N-by-3 array linking SERIES to their corresponding PATIENT/STUDY indices
% imagesMap - N-by-3 array linking IMAGES to their corresponding PATIENT/STUDY/SERIES indices

% Written by Sven Holcombe (Oct 6, 2011)


Dicomdir Parser inspired this file.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
Other requirements To visually browse the DICOMDir, the GUI Layout Toolbox is required:
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Comments and Ratings (5)
23 Jan 2014 Tim

Tim (view profile)

16 Oct 2012 Adam

Adam (view profile)

Never mind, just noticed the "other requirements" section.

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16 Oct 2012 Adam

Adam (view profile)

I started the gui and I got the error:

The class "uiextras" is undefined. Perhaps Java is not running.

Error in ==> DICOMDir>DICOMDir.gui/createInterface at 217
parentBox = uiextras.HBox('Parent', gui.Window,
'Spacing', 3);

Error in ==> DICOMDir>DICOMDir.gui at 104
gui = createInterface;

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26 Jun 2012 Joshua Martin

26 Feb 2012 Kuniyuki Hidaka

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