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DICOMDir - OO dicom directory

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DICOMDir parses and browses a given DICOMDIR dicom dictionary fie



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%DICOMDIR DICOMDir object representing the heirarchical structure of a DICOMDIR file
% DD = DICOMDir(FILE) where FILE is the path to a given DICOMDIR file
% DICOMDIR methods:
% gui - will open a graphical user interface to browse the DICOMDIR
% exportImgsToDCM - will export images in the DICOMDIR to a new folder
% deleteImgs - will delete images in the DICOMDIR from disk
% getOrigFullFilenames - returns the full file names of images in the DICOMDIR
% retrieveExtraFields - retrieves additional fields into patients, studies, series or images
% parseDicomdir - (Static) returns DICOMDIR patients, studies, series and images separately
% DICOMDIR properties:
% filepath - Full path of this DICOMDIR file
% filename - DICOMDIR filename (defaults to "DICOMDIR")
% patients - Structure array containing all PATIENT information
% studies - Structure array containing all STUDY information
% series - Structure array containing all SERIES information
% images - Structure array containing all IMAGE information
% studiesMap - N-by-2 array linking STUDIES to their corresponding PATIENT index
% seriesMap - N-by-3 array linking SERIES to their corresponding PATIENT/STUDY indices
% imagesMap - N-by-3 array linking IMAGES to their corresponding PATIENT/STUDY/SERIES indices

% Written by Sven Holcombe (Oct 6, 2011)

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Tim (view profile)


Adam (view profile)

Never mind, just noticed the "other requirements" section.


Adam (view profile)

I started the gui and I got the error:

The class "uiextras" is undefined. Perhaps Java is not running.

Error in ==> DICOMDir>DICOMDir.gui/createInterface at 217
parentBox = uiextras.HBox('Parent', gui.Window,
'Spacing', 3);

Error in ==> DICOMDir>DICOMDir.gui at 104
gui = createInterface;

Joshua Martin

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

Inspired by: DICOMDIR Parser

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