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Causal State Modeller Toolbox

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Causal State Modeller Toolbox



11 Oct 2011 (Updated )

Allows users to infer minimal and optimal statistical predictors from time series data.

GetStateSeriesExtractorTmatrix(Classes, i, Tmatrix)
function Tmatrix3 = GetStateSeriesExtractorTmatrix(Classes, i, Tmatrix)

States = Classes(i).States;
numstates = size(Tmatrix,2);

%Need to prevent the state series extractor from ascribing any data to
%states in alternative classes. Do this by setting transitions not to or
%from states in the class we are interested in to zero

for i = 1:numstates
    for j = 1:numstates
        if isempty(find(States==i,1))==1 || isempty(find(States==j,1))==1
            Tmatrix(:,i,j) = 0;

Tmatrix3 = Tmatrix;

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