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Scanports function scans for available serial ports

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portlist = scanports(portlimit); Returns cell array of available serial port identifiers.



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portlist = scanports(portlimit);

Returns a cell array of available serial port identifiers, such as 'COM1'. By default will scan serial ports from COM1 to COM15. If the (optional) portlimit argument is passed to scanports, then it will scan from COM1 to COM[portlimit]. Displays a progress bar while scanning.

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Amazing you are very smart, thanks for share

Rob Slazas

Rob Slazas (view profile)

@joycelyn wong, that's a great idea and I have done the same thing myself! Just take the guts of the scanports function here and put it in the callback function for the GUI button. The GUIDE tool really helps with this, and is pretty well documented.

mei mei

joycelyn wong

hi, i would like to use for example a [scan] button in MATLAB GUI to scan all the available ports and display it in a text box on GUI. But i couldnt manage to do it. Any ideas please? Thanks

Sepp Nirschl

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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