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Given filename, 3-D mesh - generated DXF file with surface specified by the mesh.



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Given a filename and a 3d mesh specified by X,Y, and Z arrays it writes a DXF file with the surface specified by the mesh, capable of being read by most CAD programs.

Tested under MATLAB 5

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The best! Thanks

Cameron Sparr

Cameron Sparr (view profile)

difficult to use, no documentation, doesn't even give the call format in the help file.

Ken Purchase

Some documentation and preferably an example would be very helpful - I'm trying to reverse engineer how to use this. Thanks.

Ahmed Yousif

The best thing I never seen before, very good,simple and efficient too.

Thank you

Kirill Veselkov

Simple and efficient, thank you!

Rajeev Jain

Simple and good. Efficient too.

Ziad Chaaban

Very efficient and fast, its a shame it is not capable of writing the surface as a whole, which would be beneficial for FEA packages. Other than that, it's super.

J ray

super simple but works well...
should be included in Matlab as standard format

mani reyhani

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

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