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Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) Power Train

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Demonstration of a Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) power train using SimPowerSystems and SimDriveline.



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The demonstration shows different operating modes of the FCV over one complete cycle: accelerating, cruising, recharging the battery while accelerating and regenerative braking.
The FCV Electrical Subsystem is composed of four parts: The electrical motor, the battery, the fuel cell and the DC/DC converter.
The FCV Vehicle Dynamics Subsystem models all the mechanical parts of the vehicle.

The Energy Management Subsystem (EMS) determines the reference signals for the electric motor drives, the fuel cell system and the DC/DC converter in order to distribute accurately the power from the two electrical sources. These signals are calculated using mainly the position of the accelerator, which is between -100% and 100%, and the measured FCV speed.

This demonstration was previously available in SimPowerSystems Version 5.4 (R2011a). The authors of this work are: Olivier Tremblay, Souleman Njoya Motapon, Louis-A. Dessaint (Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal).

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Mostafa Salem


peter (view profile)


Gokila Venkat

kindly provide the base paper for this model.can anyone explain the energy management and electrical system with the perfect equation

Gokila Venkat

please provide the base paper for this model

Meera V

kindly provide the base paper or an explanatory video which explains the operation of the model.

Do you need to install only Matlab 2014a including the required packages or also Matlab 2011a?

Ben Zhang

Can someone to help me to provide some details descriptions about how to model the energy management system

Why the simulation is so slow? Is there any way to increase it's speed?



What is the utility of these models,when as such no refrence been provided regarding the DC-DC converter and why such sort of modelling been done for the Power electronics interface for the battery.

wu hoo

wu hoo (view profile)


Hacer (view profile)

thank you for sharing. i have to model a battery electricle vehicle. i don't know how i have to model the power management. can somebody help me?

some advises please...

Guan Hong

Thank you for sharing.

I have some queries on the DC DC converter in the model. I am currently working on a fuel cell hybrid drive train and I find your model very helpful. However, I would like to know more about your DC DC converter. Are you able to share with me any papers in regards to your DC DC converter? I would like to understand how you model the DC DC converter in your model.

Any advice or help rendered will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your sharing, thanks!



remove 2.1 in the title, add tag


update to 14a,keep r11a and r11a


I upgraded the demo to use SimDriveline 2.1 instead of 1.5.5

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