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Electrically-Driven Hydraulic Motor Pump

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Demonstration of a hydraulic pump driven by an electric motor using SimPowerSystems & SimHydraulics



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This example represents a model of an aircraft's hydraulic pump commonly used for flight controls and landing.

A 3000 PSI hydraulic pump of variable delivery is connected to a three-phase, 10 HP, 200V, 7800 rpm asynchronous motor. The latter is supplied from a typical aircraft network voltage source of 115/200 V, 400 Hz.

This demonstration was previously available in SimPowerSystems Version 5.4 (R2011a). The authors of this work are: Souleman Njoya Motapon, Olivier Tremblay, Louis-A. Dessaint (Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal).

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chao Lu


Jesus (view profile)

Has someone tested this model? and so, how it's going?


ANKIT MEHTA (view profile)

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