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Multi-Level Modeling for Rapid Prototyping of Complex Systems

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Model-based design approach for complex electric vehicles



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This demonstration shows how the simulation could help the system designer in decision making. The simulation is a very complex art. It can represent simple model with precision which can be arguable whereas complex models can be represented with accurate precision, very close to reality. The developer of models must always make a compromise between the complexity of the models and the required precision. Of course, it is always preferable to have an ultra-accurate model, but the parameters required by these models are usually difficult to determine, especially during the first phases of system development.

This demonstration is described in details in the SimPowerSystems User Guide. The files was previously available in Version Version 5.4 (R2011a). The authors of this work are Olivier Tremblay, Louis-A. Dessaint (Ecole de Technologie Superieure).

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Adroit (view profile)

Hi Patrice,
Can we use this DC-DC converter for the DC Grid for the interfacing of Battery.Please let me know your email id.



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