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Vector graphics export of 2D MATLAB plots to Framemaker MIF-files.

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MATLAB to Framemaker MIF converter
Only 2D plots are currently supported

Usage: plot2mif(filename,graphic handle)
optional optional

Creates a Framemaker MIF file with the vector graphics contents of a MATLAB figure. The elements are hierarchically grouped. Use the Framemaker ungroup command to edit the elements of the figure. MATLAB pixel graphics elements (image, colorbar ...) are included in the MIF file as TIF graphics. The command 'newfigure' creates a new matlab figure that fits later on a A4 page in Framemaker.

Import in Framemaker:
File ... Import File ... Copy Into Document ... Choose File

Juerg Schwizer 24-April-2005

Features of the Release 25.11.2001
- plot2mif without any arguments asks for the filename in a file dialog box
- spaces in labels are now correctly interpreted
- reverse axes are now correctly interpreted
- controls are saved as tiff pictures in the figure
- handling of log axis scalings is improved (reverse log axes are still limited)
- handling of multiline texts is improved (especially for reversed axes)
- labels in legends are no more exchanged

Features of Release 09.12.2001
- axis scaling factors implemented (10^x)
- labels that contents Latex commands can be interpreted (with some limitations):
\alpha, \Alpha, \beta, \Beta, ... \infity, \pm, \approx
{\it.....} for italic text
{\bf.....} for bold text
^{...} for superscript
_{...} for subscript

Features of Release 29.10.2002
- improved colormap translation

Features of Release 24.04.2005
- improved axis handling, patch processing, corrected colorbar

Known problems (not yet corrected)
- 3D plots
- diamond, pentagram, and hexagram markers can not be interpreted
- no clipping -> zoom doesn't work
- certain graphic elements are not included in groups

Comments and Ratings (4)


Elnaz (view profile)

Does anybody know why the minor ticks on the "y" axis for example are not converted into the .mif file?

Marko Neitola

Marko Neitola (view profile)

Still useful for people stuck with FrameMaker.

Hopefully the known problems will be fixed (e.g. the current 2004 version can't convert bar or stairs plot).

A. Witney

Oops. Clicked wrong rating in above review. Sorry about that.

A. Witney

Fantastic. Gave you 5/5 (even though the utility isn't perfect) because it's the first Matlab-to-FrameMaker application I've ever had any success using. Runs fine with Matlab 12.1 and FrameMaker 6.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

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